House Rock Trail
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House Rock Trail

Length: 0.7 mile loop
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 1,680 - 2,000 feet
Forest Service Trail #3406 Site: House Rock Trail

The House Rock Trail leads to House Rock Falls, a 40 foot high cascade that is especially attractive in the spring. On the way to the falls, you will pass by House Rock, a huge overhanging boulder, named by pioneers who sheltered next to it from winter storms.
This short trail has nearly everything you might want in a Douglas-fir National Monument trail. It starts from a parking lot and heads down Sheep Creek to the Santiam River, where you have to climb through a rock. This path through the rocks is where the trail branches off from the Old Santiam Wagon Road Trail.
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After passing through the rock, the trail crosses the Santiam River. At the right time of year you can see a small waterfall into the river. After you cross the river, the trail turns upriver. You will hike past a small cave, past some fallen giants, and past some standing large trees along the river, across from the campground.
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When you reach the area of the falls, you will see deep pools and the bottom of the falls.
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House Rock Falls themselves are only partially visible from the trail. To get to the bottom of the falls, you have to climb down through some large boulders and wade in the river.
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Directions: Turn south from Highway 20 at Milepost 54.5 onto Latiwi Cr Road. From Sweet Home Ranger District office in Sweet Home: travel east on Highway 20 for 25.1 miles (Highway mile 54.5) This is also the access to the Squaw Creek trailhead. Turn right on Forest Road 2044 (Latiwi Cr Rd / House Rock Campground / Squaw Creek),
Continue 0.5 miles and turn right at House Rock Campground entrance road. Park in the area just before the bridge over Sheep Creek, before the campground. The trailhead is to the right.
All miles are approximate, yours may vary.

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