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A Visit with the Birds of the Proposed Douglas Fir National Monument

For a page with photos of some birds found in the Doug go to Birds.
It also has an Alphabetical Checklist and a Bird list by Location.

This is not an exhaustive list of the birds you might see in the Doug, but it includes most of them. It is slightly different than the mentioned above. Each search for birds will be different.
To be frank, you may not see many birds, not because they are not there, but because they are in the tops of the trees, or hiding in the bushes just out of sight. Still, hunting to see any of the birds is fun, because it is challenging and the rewards are often great.
You may have more luck hearing birds, and maybe you will come to identify some of the songs, or at least identifying with some of them. To the author of these pages, the song of the Swainson’s Trush epitomizes the deep woods of the Northwest. Probably because you can hear its bubbling twill whenever you visit the old-growth woods, but you may never actually see the bird.
With luck and persistence, you may see a Swainsons Thrush. You may also hear and see Chickadees, Robins, or a Pacific Wren or a Bewick’s Wren, or some other hidden or partially hidden songster.
This list is a list of what might be the most likely of the birds present in the Doug, based on reports of birds common to the central Cascades, as shown on the maps in the Atlas of Oregon Wildlife (Csuti, et al). The list is sort of organized by common birding taxonomies, except when that does not assist in presenting the list.
The birds in this list that have their own page are a smaller and more arbitrary group: those that I have been able to photograph (apologies and excuses), or get a photo of (submissions welcome) or have some notes about the bird relevant to the Doug. Because, as noted, it is hard to see birds in the forest, and even harder to get a picture, most of these photos were not taken within the Doug, but the birds can be seen there, if you are lucky. The pictures are here not to serve as a means of identification, but like all the pictures on this web site, to share some of the beauty that you can find in the Doug.

Great Blue Heron                                        HAWKS AND SIMILAR LOOKING BIRDS                  GROUND BIRDS
                                                                    Bald Eagle                                                                          California Quail
DUCKS AND RELATED BIRDS              Cooper’s Hawk                                                                  Common Snipe
Barrow’s Goldeneye                                   Golden Eagle                                                                      Killdeer
Blue-winged Teal                                        Goshawk                                                                             Mountain Quail
Bufflehead                                                   Kestrel                                                                                Ruffed Grouse
Cinnamon Teal                                            Osprey                                                                                Sooty Grouse
Common Merganser                                    Peregrine Falcon
Coot, American                                           Red-tailed Hawk                                                              DOVES AND PIGEONS
Harlequin Duck                                           Sharp-shinned Hawk                                                          Band-tailed Pigeon
Hooded Merganser                                     Turkey Vulture                                                                    Mourning Dove
Ring-necked Duck
Wood Duck

OWLS                                                          Common Nighthawk                                                  Belted Kingfisher
Barred Owl                                                   Vaux’s Swift
Boreal Owl
Great Horned Owl                                                                                                                        WOODPECKERS
Great Gray Owl                                            HUMMINGBIRDS                                             Red-breasted Sapsucker
Northern Pygmy-Owl                                   Calliope Hummingbird                                        Williamson’s Sapsucker
Northern Saw-whet Owl                              Rufous Hummingbird                                           Downy Woodpecker
Spotted Owl                                                                                                                              Hairy Woodpecker
Western Screech-Owl                                                                                                               Three-toed Woodpecker
                                                                                                                                                  Black-backed Woodpecker
                                                                                                                                                  Northern Flicker
                                                                                                                                                  Pileated Woodpecker

FLYCATCHERS                                      CORVIDS                                    BUSY LITTLE BIRDS (obviously not
Olive-sided Flycatcher                            Gray Jay                                         a formal category)
Western Wood-Pewee                             Steller’s Jay                                  Black-capped Chickadee
Willow Flycatcher                                   Clark’s Nutcracker                      Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Hammond’s Flycatcher                           American Crow                            Mountain Chickadee
Dusky Flycatcher                                    Common Raven                           Bushtit
Pacific-slope Flycatcher                                                                               Red-breasted Nuthatch
                                                                                                                    White-breasted Nuthatch
SWALLOWS                                                                                              Brown Creeper
Cliff Swallow                                         American Pipit                              Gold-crowned Kinglet
Barn Swallow                                       Cedar Waxwing                              Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Tree Swallow
Violet-green Swallow                                                                                     VIREOS AND WARBLERS
                                                                                                                       Solitary Vireo
                                                                                                                        Hutton’s Vireo
WRENS                                        THRUSH FAMILY                                   Warbling Vireo
House Wren                                   Mountain Bluebird                                    Yellow-rumped Warbler        
Pacific Wren                                  Western Bluebird                                      Hermit Warbler
Winter Wren                                  Townsend’s Solitaire                                 Townsend’s Warbler
Marsh Wren                                   American Robin                                        Orange-crowned Warbler
                                                      Varied Thrush                                            Yellow Warbler
American Dipper                           Swainson's Thrush                                    Wilson’s Warbler
Ruby-crowned Kinglet                  Hermit Thrush                                           MacGillivray’s Warbler
Golden-crowned Kinglet                                                                                  Nashville Warbler
                                                                                                                          Common Yellowthroat
SPARROWS                                                                                                     Black-throated Gray Warbler
Spotted Towhee                              Western Tanager
Dark-eyed Junco                             Black-headed Grosbeak
Chipping Sparrow                           Evening Grosbeak
Fox Sparrow                                    Lazuli Bunting                                         FINCHES
Song Sparrow                                                                                                  Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
Lincoln’s Sparrow                                                                                            Cassin’s Finch
Golden-crowned Sparrow                                                                                Purple Finch
White-crowned Sparrow                                                                                  House Finch
                                                                                                                        Red Crossbill
Red-winged Blackbird                                                                                     Pine Siskin
Brewer’s Blackbird                                                                                          Lesser Goldfinch
Brown-headed Cowbird                                                                                  American Goldfinch
Bullock’s Oriole

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