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0.8 mile loop
Elevation 3,500 feet
Forest Service trail #3411 Site: Hackman Old Growth Trail

This is among the easiest of the several Old-Growth trails in the Doug. Some of the effect of an old growth grove is spoiled by nearby logging and blowdowns.
Directions: Turn south off of Highway 20 at mile 63.3, 37 miles east of Sweethome to the parking area for the trail, marked as FS road 066. If you are traveling east and you get to Echo Creek Road, you have gone about a quarter mile too far. The trail branches after the start so that there are two short loops. A part of the trail is relatively wide and may be accessible if you are a capable disabled trail person. Other parts of the trail are more narrow and may require stepping over branches or humps in the trail.
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There are old growth Douglas fir, western red cedar and mountain hemlock along the trail.

Some of the trees you have a chance to see are over 500 years old.
You will also get to experience the successional nature of an old growth forest,
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with snags, down and rotting logs, and new trees sprouting from down trees.

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And lots of opportunities to appreciate the ancient trees.

One of the loop trails goes down a gentle slope to Hackleman Creek and the mountain watershed experience of water and willows.
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The area along Hackman Creek may be the best opportunity along these trails to see birds.
If you are there at the right time of year you might see some deep forest wildflowers

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