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Visiting the High Meadows and their Wildflowers

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The most spectacular splash of wildflowers in the Doug are in the High Mountain meadows, usually where the rocks are too near the surface to support big trees.

From a distance, some meadows may appear all of one color, but as you get closer, you can see a variety of colors.
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There is always an exciting variety of flowers.

If you look just right you can see the Meadow's equivalent of fireworks.
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Identification of the wildflowers is always fun.
The Wildflower Page will provide a start, and then you can move on to a number of fine guides.

Remember, these are High Mountain wildflowers: they live on the edge, please stay on the trails to allow them as much room to grow as possible.

Most of these pictures came from a trip up the Cone Peak Trail. There are many more flowers along that trail, and many more that you can see along other trails. Go to the Trail Guide or Trail Index with Map for other trails.
There many other flowers to be seen in the Deep Woods along many more trails in the Doug.