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Gordon Lakes Trail East

Length: 7.2 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Change: 4,100 - 3,000 feet
Forest Service Web site (Trail #3386) Gordon Lakes Trail

gordon lakes east trailhead graphic Starting the Gordon Lakes Trail from this eastern trailhead goes from the parking area at the end of the road through forest edge fern, then drops quickly down to the two Gordon Lakes.

gordon lakes east oldgrowth 1 graphic gordon lakes east oldgrowth 2 graphic gordon lakes east oldgrowth 4 graphic
The trail starts down through a mixed forest. The forest has burned, perhaps hundred years ago, but there are still some big trees on the path down to the lakes and around the lakes. This is a very diverse forest, with true firs and hemlock and other varieties as common as Douglas-fir.

gordon lakes east old growth and lake graphic gordon lakes east upper lake 1 graphic gordon lakes east upper lake 2 graphic
The trail goes around the upper Gordon Lake, which is perhaps a bit smaller than the lower lake, and which is nestled up against Soapgrass Mountain.
The trail crosses a small creek connecting the two lakes. You can take a slight detour down to the lower lake,
gordon lakes east stream graphic gordon lakes east lower lake graphic
and then continue on the trail past another wetland along Soapgrass Mountian.
gordon lakes east butte graphic gordon lakes east mountain graphic

The trail then continues on, to pass under Soapgrass Mountain, a sheer basalt cliff, all passing through to Gordon Meadows. The Gordon Lakes Trail continues west to the Gordon Lakes West trailhead.
The first segment of the trail, to Gordon Lakes, is a nice hike all by itself.

gordon lakes east trailmap graphic

This map shows the trail from the east trailhead described here, to just before it reaches the Gordon Meadows Trail. The trail continues west, for which see the Gordon Lakes Trail West

Directions: Turn south from Highway 20 at milepost 54.5 onto Forest Road 2044 (Latiwi Crk Rd). This is also the turn for House Rock campground and the turn to start toward the Squaw Creek Trail. From Sweet Home Ranger District office in Sweet Home this turn is 25 miles east. Once on Forest Road 2044 continue past the turn to House Rock Campground Creek south to Rorest Road spur 230. The trailhead is at the end of the spur.
The trail drops 0.25 miles to the lakes, then continues gradually down through Gordon Meadows 
All miles are approximate, yours may vary.

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